Here's a note to anyone who's ever nominated in an award category with JUSTIN BIEBER: prepare to be threatened with bodily harm if you happen to win.  That's what jazz bass player ESPERANZA SPALDING found out after Sunday night's

Grammy Awards.

Esperanza beat out Justin and three other acts to take home the Best New Artist Grammy, and crazed Belieb-maniacs immediately started spewing hate-filled Twitter messages in her direction.  In addition to numerous fans sending the title of CEE-LO's Grammy-nominated hit "Forget You" to her, calling her ugly and insulting her hairstyle, some actually wished death upon her.  One person wrote, "This is the psycho b**ch that beat Bieber. Let's kill her."  Another one wrote, "Congrats on the Grammy, b**ch, I hope it falls on your head.  Who the bleep are you?"  Yet another wrote, "I'mma cut your head off, I swear. Nobody even knows who you are.  Who are you and what planet are you from?"  And another wrote, "Now here is the moment where I send my 1st death threat. I hope you die, you unknown bleep.  You mess with the Biebs, we mess with U."  More comments included, "How does it feel to be hated by 7 million people?," "How does it feel to know that approximately 7 million people on earth wanna shoot/stab/strangle/drown you?," and "Seriously, go die."

On top of that, Esperanza's Wikipedia page was altered Sunday night right after she won, with added comments including "She is a bleeping retard," and "Justin Bieber deserved it -- go die in a hole. Who the heck are you, anyway?"  The comments had been removed by Monday.

Since Sunday night, Justin has stated publicly, both on camera and via Twitter, that he is happy for Esperanza's win, so it's not as though he's encouraging his fans to Twitter-bomb the jazz artist.  On the other hand, he hasn't asked them to stop, either. (ABC)

Just because you don't know who someone is doesn't mean they don't deserve a Grammy.  This is not the Kids Choice Awards or Peoples Choice Awards, or the Pop Awards.  This is the Grammys.   There is a different standard, and if Justin stays around,  he will get more Grammys one day.  But death threats are really stupid because it's not her fault she was better than all those girls and won a Grammy.  She just is. DP