Big Al is so much more than 'Random Man' on The Kidd Kraddick Morning Show, he's an entrepreneur! Big Al owns a couple of bars around Dallas and just opened another in Waxahachie! Seeing all of the businesses being ran by Big Al Mack, J-Si's wife Kinsey has decided she wants to go into business for herself too! She ran an idea by J-Si and he was open to it and once openly discussing it on the show, it appears as if Jenna could be financial partner as well as Kellie and the Man Room! This somehow upsets and offends Big Al, because no one has ever wanted to go into business with him!

So exactly what type of business does Kinsey want to open? J-Si tells us in this best of video clip below and learns that he'll need something else in order to get the business off the ground!

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