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During this mornings daily 'Kidd Kraddick Morning Show Daily News' we learned that J-Si is pretty jealous of his neighbor across the street from him.

Now competition is healthy, but there does come a time when the competition can go a bit too far and to the extreme. Thankfully though J-Si isn't that far, but it sounds like he's a few ticks away from it. Apparently each month in his new neighborhood there is a 'Yard of the Month' award for the home with the best looking yard and his neighbor across the street has been proudly displaying that little yard sign proudly and J-Si has been looking at it for a month now and has decided it should belong in his yard.

After manicuring his yard a little more than normal and sprucing things up in the front of his house, j-Si feels like he's got the 'Yard of the Month' competition in the bag and that the coveted yard sign will be moving across the street to his yard. J-Si tells a great story about it in the following video.

In this daily update we also learn about Hobby Lobby's price match thanks' to Big Al's recent purchase that almost sent him into a 'Karen' moment. Part Time Justin is proud of his most recent purchase as he gets ready for his big runway debut at an upcoming Pride event. While strutting around in his new purchase he has a more deeper appreciation for Kellie, Ana, Kinsey and Laci. Find out what the talk is all about in this mornings news cast from The Kidd Kraddick Morning Show.

Listen to "KKMS News Update- The Yard" on Spreaker.

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