Long before Kim Kardashian-West tied the knot with Kanye West, she was dating Bow Wow, according to Shad. The rapper reveals as much in a new interview with the gossip team at the Hollywood Unlocked podcast. He also jumps into why he kept their romance a secret.

Giving a little bit of insight into his past dating life, Bow Wow told the show hosts that he first saw Kim K years ago when she used to hang out with Paris Hilton. According to him, the blooming celeb was super quiet, but that didn't stop him from making his move.

"Somehow we got each other's information,” Bow Wow says about how his romance with Kim K materialized. “We was cool, we remained friends. And this was right before Reggie Bush. The reason nobody knew is because of how I move."

Bow Wow goes on to explain that the reason people didn't know much about his fling with the Kim was because he'd never dated outside of his race before getting involved. The pressure of dealing with the potential scrutiny of that romance stressed him, so he decided to keep things on the D-L.

One of the podcast's show hosts then asks Bow Wow if he'd had sex with Kim K while they dated. His response was...interesting.

“I respect ‘Ye and all that, so therefore I ain’t gonna say everything all the way 100, but you know — like I said, if I’m fucking with somebody, I’m fucking with somebody,” he explained.

Kim K has yet to comment on Bow Wow's story, and it feels unlikely she will. A little while back, she confirmed that she's expecting her third child with Yeezy.

Check out Bow Wow's interview for yourself below. The bit about Kim K comes up at the 49-minute mark.

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