Britney Spears followed up a really bad week, where she announced she would not return to 'X Factor' and split with her fiancé of a year, Jason Trawick, with a killer week. No, really, she is about to make a killing.

Brit Brit can back up the Brinks truck, since her rumored Las Vegas residency has reportedly been signed to the tune of $200 million.

No wonder she quit 'X Factor.' Who needs to do all that work for such a paltry salary, relatively speaking? Brit Brit commandeering Sin City? That's a sight we gotta see.

Breathe Heavy reports that the announcement of the deal is imminent, suggesting that the pop starlet will perform at The Colosseum at Caesar's Palace, which has hosted Elton John, Shania Twain and Celine Dion. Vegas acts like this usually attract an older demo than Brit, so it's a gamble and a risk for whoever signs her. But the odds in Vegas are likely in Brit's favor.

She's earning a fat paycheck, which certainly puts the pressure on. All eyes will be on Brit in the center of the ring in the circus that is Sin City. Can she handle it? That remains to be seen, since she's a little bit fragile as she reels from the Trawick split. Plus, she has been known to melt down when the spotlight is on her. Hide the hair clippers!

A Vegas expert weighed in on things, acknowledging that Brit "has a narrower appeal" but the publicity from her doing a Vegas residency could generate further interest and income.

It's estimated that Brit could rake in $2 million in revenue a week. If she's there for 40 weeks, well, you do the math.

In Vegas, always bet on Brit.

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