Good news and a major victory for Britney Spears. A judge has dismissed former manager Sam Lutfi's defamation lawsuit against the pop diva and her parents Lynn and Jamie. Lutfi accused Brit Brit and her family of libel, breach of contract and battery, but a judge felt that they were baseless claims.

"I really thought long and hard," Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Suzanne Brugera said, according to E! "So the motions are granted... as to all the defendants and all the causes of action. That is the right thing to do, so I am going to do it."

Brit's parental units had filed a motion to have the battery and breach claims tossed out. Lutfi claimed that Brit's papa bear manhandled him back in 2008. The family claimed that he was never injured and that there was no legal and binding contract between him and Brit that would have lead to his back salary request.

Regarding the libel claims, Lutfi lodged those complaints against Lynne and her 2008 memoir 'Through the Storm.' She accused Lutfi of manipulating Brit in a chapter called 'The General.' Her attorney argued absence of malice on Spears' part.

For his part, Lutfi is gong to appeal.

So for now, Brit Brit can breathe easy and focus on the matters at hand, such as mentoring her 'X Factor' contestants.

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