Prices at Texas grocery stores are climbing higher than the temperatures outside. When you see your family's monthly grocery bill, you might begin to think outside the cart.

Texans love preparing barbecue, but what if you one day just get priced out of eating these delicacies? What is the most you would pay for a pound of round?

If that day ever comes, you might be trading a juicy brisket for another crunchy critter. It is free to eat the bugs you find in Texas.

Best Grasshopper Guacamole In Town

If you have seen Survivor, Naked and Afraid, or Fear Factor, you know humans have eaten many questionable bugs. In some cultures, they eat bugs on sticks, like we eat shrimp cocktail.

Bugs aren't just creepy-crawlies anymore; they have become buzz-worthy food options in select restaurants according to Texas Highways. We haven't gone so far as to have cricket tacos or mealworm burgers yet, but who knows what the future holds.

Insects are a readily available sustainable way to get protein and nutrients in a pinch. Whether you're from Dallas, Austin, Houston, or somewhere in between, there are plenty of bugs where you live with your name on them.

Roam The Woods Seeking Out Sustainable Protein

If you get past the disgusting part of bugs, you can open up an entire world of edible pests. You could single-handedly eliminate your neighborhood's termite problems.

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Here are 11 edible bugs found in Texas that might save your life or your restaurant.

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11 Bugs You Can Eat In Texas

If grocery prices ever get so high that you have no other option, you might be able to find enough of these bugs to survive on.

Gallery Credit: Scott Clow

These Are The Most Dangerous and Deadly Bugs Found In Texas

We have a lot of bugs in Texas and some are pretty dangerous. And depending on how many stings you get or if you have underlying health issues, some bugs can be deadly for humans. When it comes to other animals, some of the bugs below can absolutely be deadly. All of these bugs can be found in Texas and while they might not seek out a fight, they will defend themselves.

Gallery Credit: Chad Hasty








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