Over the years I have owned a couple of 80s Camaros. Hagerty, an insurance company designed for car collectors, recently released an interactive map that shows which U.S. counties and parishes have the most registered Camaros per capita.

TSM Lufkin
TSM Lufkin

One Texas county was ranked 4th in the nation. Edwards County in the Texas Hill Country has 1 Camaro for every 356 residents.

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That would seem like a lot, but it means there are only four or five Camaros in the entire county. Edwards County is one of the least populated counties in Texas with just 1,422 residents.

Where Is The Least Populated County In Texas?

Edwards County isn't even the least populated county in Texas. That honor goes to nearby Loving County with just 64 residents on over 650 square miles of land.

Every Loving Country resident technically has over 10 square miles to themselves, though they have to share with oil wells. It is the least populated county in the entire U.S. with a permanent population.

These tiny Texas counties throw off the data of many data sets, like the one Hagerty used to make their Camaro map. Imagine if you were trying to find the fastest-growing county in the U.S.

Tiny Texas Counties Thow Off Data In Studies

Let's say a large family wanted to homestead in Mentone, the county seat of Loving County. They could easily make the 2030 census show a population increase of 10% and take the title of the fastest-growing county in the U.S.

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The current fastest-growing county in all of the U.S. is Kaufman, Texas at a 7% growth rate. This county in the suburbs of Dallas ranked number one on this list.

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