I wouldn't be surprised if these are really what people want this year.

The older I get, the more I realize how difficult the holidays can be. It's extremely difficult to shop for people, even family. It's even worse when people ask you want you want for Christmas. Boy, this sure does put a burden on you. If you wish too big then they feel bad that they can't grant that wish. If you wish low, then they feel offended that you wouldn't be honest with them.

It's a never-ending cycle.

That's why gift cards are the best. It says, I care about you and I want to spend my money on you, but I think you are better suited at finding what you truly need this year. So which card do you get?

CardHub recently did a survey to find the most popular gift cards for this Christmas. In addition to compiling this list, CardHub also discovered that, for the ninth, straight year, gift cards are the most sought after present.

Here are the Top 10 gift cards for this year.

1. Visa Gift Card

2. Amazon Gift Card

3. American Express Gift Card

4. iTunes Gift Card

5. Walmart Gift Card

6. Target Gift Card

7. Starbucks Gift Card

8. Netflix Gift Card

9. eBay Gift Card

10. Google Play Gift Card