Target stores all over the Lone Star State are bustling hubs of commerce and sometimes Starbucks Coffee. If you are very fortunate you might even have a Target with a grocery store in your town.

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If you love to shop at a big box store and refuse to enter a Wal-Mart, chances are you shop at Target. There are 156 locations of the bullseye discount retailer in Texas.

There wasn't a Target in every state until 2018 when they opened one in Vermont.  Now they are everywhere and a magnet for opportunistic theft.

It's Not Just Candy Bars And Toys That Get Shoplifted

Anything that can fit in a pocket is a "target" for theft. Toys and snacks getting taken are the least of their worries.

Beauty items are expensive. Makeup and skincare goodies sometimes vanish off of the shelves.

Health And Beauty Items Are Targeted For Theft

Razor cartridges are very small and portable. You might not even have access to some of these items at your store.


Targets in locations where theft is a huge problem put them behind a plastic shield that you can only open with the help of an employee.

Target Has Been Around For A Long Time

Target has been a multimillion-dollar company as early as the 1920s, so you might think they can absorb all the shoplifting. The cost of that theft, just like everywhere else, rolls downhill and affects the prices of the everyday items that we purchase.

Take a look a the most shoplifted items at Target in Texas.

15 Items People Shoplift The Most From Target Stores

Target may have the best clearance but according to, this popular store also has quite a few items that people love to steal as well.

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