Cardi B's epic glow-up has been one of the top stories of 2017. Formerly known as a stripper and reality TV star, the Bronx-based rapper has become a full-blown superstar, with nothing but love for her fans and disdain for her doubters. Bardi dealt out both in a string of Instagram posts Monday night (Dec. 11).

In the first video, Cardi lets off a bit of advice for fans stressing over the pettiness of their boyfriend's ex-girlfriend. In a word, Cardi says you should just ignore them.

"If the bitch that used to fuck your nigga be doing shit on, you know, they social, Instagram media, whatever the fuck, trying to be petty, don't be arguing to your man about that, you know what I'm saying?" says Bardi, whose song "Bodak Yellow" has been everywhere after landing at No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. "Because that's they goal. The bitch want you guys to argue about her."

Cardi goes on to tell the tale of a time her ex-boyfriend's girlfriend used to throw shade at her because she was comparatively not on her level. She then implies that her ex-boyfriend's girlfriend, who'd seemingly just tried to make nice with her, had set her up to make it look as if Cardi had stolen a purse. In the present day, Bardi says her sister, Hennessy, ended up seeing that same woman stealing from a store. Cardi can't help but laugh at the story and see it as a reason people shouldn't talk down on others.

That story led to her next video, which finds her recounting the days other women called her bummy, making fun of her for being a stripper and having crooked teeth at the time. Then, she flexes. "That's why you can't be talking that saucy out your mouth," Cardi said. "I know y'all sick," she adds. Word.

Check out Bardi's videos below. Check out Migos' video for the Bardi and Nicki Minaj-assisted Culture 2 single, "MotorSport," when you're done.

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