From the moment Offset proposed to Cardi B mid-concert a few weeks ago, fans and casual observers of the pop culture zeitgeist have speculated that the couple's wedding would join the ranks of Gucci Mane and Keyshia Ka'oir Davis' in terms of large-scale spectacles. In a new profile for New York Magazine, Bardi gives a bit of insight into what, exactly, that wedding might look like.

“The world is not ready for it,” she explained in the new story. “Everybody got to be wearing red.” As for her bridesmaids? “And my bridesmaids are gonna be wearing suits, what’s good?”

If you've been following Cardi's ascension, it's pretty likely you know of her rumored allegiance to the Blood gang. She's got a song called "Red Barz," and people take her calling herself "Bardi" as being an example of Bloods replacing the letter "C" with "B" whenever they get the chance. Basically, this is hardly even a rumor, and it's not all that surprising to see she'd want people rocking a lot of red at her wedding.

Elsewhere in the profile, Bardi reveals how she and Offset first met. Like just about everything worthwhile in this world, it all started with a DM. Apparently, the Migos member hit up one of Bardi's friends with a simple, but ultimately impactful message: "I want Cardi." Bardi wasn't going for it at first.

“I told her to tell him I don’t date rappers,” she said. Eventually the two linked up at a party, and the rest is history.

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