It doesn't take a pop culture expert to tell you that Cardi B's position in late 2017 is drastically different from the one she occupied last year. After earning a platinum plaque and No. 1 spot on the Billboard Hot 100 chart for her hit single "Bodak Yellow," Bardi is damn near an American sweetheart, and that change is something that's apparently inspired her to set a "better example" for the kiddies.

She says it was a holiday that's inspired her to change. “I realized, after Halloween, a lot of little girls, they be looking up to me,” the Bronx native said in an Instagram video she uploaded Wednesday (Nov. 1). “They love me and I’m thinking to myself, like, 'Yo, I really need to be a better example.'”

The only problem with that, though, are her affiliations. “But I be trying to be a better example, though, you know what I’m saying? I’ve been trying to be more PG-13, less rated R. But I be hanging out with my hood rat friends and then they fuck me up all over again.”

By her own admission, Cardi falls a bit short of stereotypical role model prerequisites, but either way you look at, she's a role model nonetheless. Aside from her obvious professional glo-up, Bardi's also given fans a look at a true happily ever after.

Recently, Cardi accepted a proposal from her boyfriend Offset, becoming his fiancée in the process. In the months before their engagement, they'd become the definition of #Goals for large portions of the internet, and it looks like that will only continue. Dope.

Peep Bardi's pledge to be more mindful of the kids looking up to her in the video below.

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