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  • Lufkin will be down to just one open Chick-fil-A
  • The Lufkin Mall location is permanently closed
  • We have no idea how long this will take

Lufkin's favorite Chick-fil-A on the South Loop in Lufkin is closing for remodeling. They will be closed starting Wednesday, February 22, 2023.

Regular patrons of the restaurant are understandably a little scared about this. In April of 2022, the Lufkin Mall location closed for remodeling, and it never reopened.

There is no way that is going to happen again, as this is a very busy restaurant. They have been at this location for almost 20 years.

This Is Not The First Time This Chick-fil-A Closed For Remodeling

According to KTRE the last time this Chick-fil-A closed for remodeling was in 2013. It has remained unchanged for 10 years, so it is time.

The last time, they updated the kitchen and it was closed for about a month. This time it could be due for an even larger overhaul.

Ten years is a very long time for a restaurant that puts out that kind of volume to stay in constant operation. It could be a situation like with McDonald's on Timberland Drive where they tear down the entire restaurant, but until they start we won't know.

Brand New Chick-fil-A On West Loop In Lufkin To Pick Up Slack

When McDonald's built a new restaurant on the west loop they got it up and running before they tore down the one on Timberland Drive to start fresh.

Anything is possible, but so far all we know is they will be closed for an undetermined amount of time. At least you will still be able to get your Chick-fil-A in Lufkin, since this is not our only location.

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