The Lufkin Mall has been open to East Texas shoppers since 1980. Since its grand opening almost 42 years ago, the 300,000-square-foot shopping center has been owned by many companies.

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Once again the Lufkin Mall has changed hands. Hopefully this will mean some improvements are on the way.

The new owners are the Kohan Retail Investment Group, operating as Lufkin Mall Realty Holdings LLC. This is a huge investment group out of New York, and they own over 90 malls all over the country.

Mall In Lufkin, Texas Has New Owners

The Kohan Group also owns a few malls you might have been to in Texas. The most recognizable are the Almeda Mall in Houston and Rolling Oaks Mall in San Antonio.

They also own malls in Port Authur, Temple, Wichita Falls, Texarkana, and Harlingen.

The Kohan Group also owns a couple of hotels in New York. They own the Shoreham in Midtown Manhattan and The Gallivant in Times Square.

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Changes Are Coming To Lufkin Mall

According to my sources, there have already been some changes at the Lufkin Mall since they took over. The person in charge of leasing space in the mall to tenants has been let go.

Also their contract with Ion Security has ended, and they have taken mall security back in-house. Some of the employees of Ion have accepted positions with Kohan, so you will see some familiar faces.

BinDrop Has Closed Down In Lufkin Mall

BinDrop was in the Lufkin Mall for a little less than a year. Their grand opening was on January 15, 2022.

I'm assuming this is unrelated to the new ownership, but the discount store has closed its doors for good. Here's hoping more great stores come to the Lufkin Mall soon.

Auto Zone In Lufkin Is Now Re-Opened

A little over one year after the Autozone in Lufkin was demolished by an 18-Wheeler, it is back and brand new.

Old Godtel Building For Sale In Nacogdoches

The structure has been many things over the years, and now someone will hopefully turn it into something new.

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