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  • In Texas, Christmas is just a little bit different.
  • Traditions of all kinds, not just Christmas, are a very big deal in Texas.
  • New residents will love embracing some of these Texas Christmas traditions.

Just like high school football, other states have Christmas but Texas does it just a little bit bigger. Many of our holiday season traditions are mixed with traditions from other cultures.

Players stand on the sidelines at a varsity high school football game.

If you have ever sat down to Christmas dinner and had Mexican food instead of a repeat of Thanksgiving dinner, you might be in Texas. In some households, pork tamales and fajitas are the perfect substitute for Christmas ham and green beans.

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Marcos Elihu Castillo Ramirez

We also love the tradition of having a real tree in your house that you harvested. Picking your tree and cutting it down out of a field is a big source of pride in Texas according to onlyinyourstate.com.

Rear view of young couple at Christmas tree lot.
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Texas Is All About Poinsettias At Christmas

Everyone having poinsettia plants at Christmas time started in Texas and Mexico. You are more likely to get a Christmas cactus than an orchid or amaryllis plant in the Lone Star State.


Texas also has a big German influence, and stollen is their version of traditional Roman fruitcake. This tapered loaf is brushed with tons of butter and powdered sugar is easy to find here.

Burke/Triolo Productions
Burke/Triolo Productions

We also love Christmas lights, so much so that some of us leave them up all year long, and always beat our neighbors to the punch by having our lights up first.

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