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  • Donate your leftover Christmas Tree to the Ellen Trout Zoo in Lufkin.
  • Bring natural, unaltered trees with no flocking, tinsel, or ornaments.
  • Zoo animals enjoy these trees in their habitats.

The last present has been opened, and soon you will be taking down all those Christmas decorations that you worked so hard to put up. It always seemed such a shame when I got a real tree to put it on the curb or near a dumpster when we were done with it.

There has to be another use for all of those scratchy, pokey branches and the Ellen Trout Zoo in Lufkin, Texas has found it. They put your old tree in the habitats for enrichment.

Many of the zoo animals enjoy biting, hiding, and gnawing on these old trees. Just like when they are in the wild and a tree falls, it takes on a new life.

Call Ahead To The Ellen Trout Zoo Before Bringing A Tree!

To get your tree ready for donation you need to first determine if it is real or not. Some are very convincing, and someone could be super mad if you throw their pre-lit fake tree in the truck to get rid of instead of reusing at home.

They do not take trees with flocking, tinsel, or any decoration of any type. Just the natural tree that is left after you are done with it.

Call Zoo Administration at 936-633-0399 to make sure they still need your tree before bringing it to the zoo. They only take so many every year.

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