You may have heard that they City Of Lufkin was considering no longer doing curbside recycling. This program started back in the 90's as was a way to combat overfilling our landfills. Sometime in the 70's we became a throwaway society. Before that people reused everything. Food waste went to animals, old clothing was turned into quilts, or rags.

Now with things coming to your house on a weekly basis in boxes, the amount of recyclable materials that we are faced with every day has actually increased. Groceries come in boxes, dry cleaning comes with metal hangers. It is endless.

Last night September 16th, 2020 the Lufkin City Council opted to discontinue our curbside recycling program. Now they haven't made any announcements as of yet as to what day. Plus we are still recycling, it's just no longer going to be curbside. You will still be able to drop off your recycling at the normal places, with a new drop off location coming to North Lufkin.

I actually have two trashcans at my house. One is Grey and One is Blue. I mimic that same thing inside, with a regular stainless and a blue stainless trash can. I've always liked our curbside recycling program, but I am fine with letting it build up and taking it to the recycling center once a month.

We still get to keep our blue trashcans, but now I think they will just transfer into being regular trashcans. It's been 30 years since we started recycling in Lufkin, and I think some will be glad to have an extra regular trash can, and just take their recycling to the centers.

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