Lufkin Crime Stoppers has reward money, and more than a couple of unsolved crimes that you could help with. This one is a theft at Boot Barn in Lufkin from December 3rd, 2020. Looks like this pair got a little early Christmas shopping done.

You can see that the tattooed woman in the video comes in with a purse. Keep that in mind while watching her exit at the end of the video. You can see a man come in right behind her, notice the color of his boots.

When they exit the store in Lufkin Mall after not making any purchases, you see that the small purse has grown like the Grinch's heart. You can also see the color of the man's boots change from a light tan, to brown. When they leave the store, the theft sensors go off as they leave. 

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This pair spend an hour and a half in the store. In and out of the dressing room, and someone must have seen them. If you are that person, and can name the thieves, submit a tip through Crime Stoppers.

If you are the first person that makes the anonymous tip submitted to Crime Stoppers that ends up solving the case, you could earn a cash reward. The entire process from tip to reward, is made without ever identifying you, but only if you submit the tip in the correct way. CLICK HERE to solve this, or download the CrimeStoppers App. 

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