If it's not in a garage, is it really a garage sale? If it's in a parking lot, it's a parking lot sale! Sound good? Lets make some extra cash!

The Nacogdoches ReStore is having their third semi-annual, community parking lot sale. March 18th from 8 am - 2 pm. You can sell your stuff, or buy stuff, or you could do both!

This is a great event put on by Habitat for Humanity of Nacogdoches at their ReStore. They will have grilled hotdogs, cheeseburgers, and refreshments. It's a great time to get out in the community and see what they have going on.

Habitat For Humanity of Nacogdoches
Habitat For Humanity of Nacogdoches

The parking lot will be full of all kinds of things, or your things. So you can get a great deal inside our out. You could get your own spot. Get your spot today just call 936-564-3861. Inside the store everything will be marked down, during the event.

One persons trash, is another ones treasure. I have always heard that, but trash...is trash. Things that you found no use for in your life, doesn't automatically mean they are trash!

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