If you are ready to get out of the house and laugh, you might want to be a part of what is going down at Lugnutz (Tomorrow) Saturday June 26th 9pm-11pm. The headliner is BET 'Comic View' veteran performer Craig Bush. He has made appearances on A&E 'Evening at the Improv' as well.

Also appearing are Marky Mark Mutina, and Cowboy Comic Chad Hutto. They are also great, and perform all around East Texas. Tickets are just $15 per person and it's General Admission. For tickets you can email cowboycomedian@yahoo.com. I am glad to see some return to normal, even if occupancy rules are still in effect.

This is a benefit show, and the benefactor is LugNutz. All proceeds will go to help LugNutz with the financial loss from the Corona shutdown. I guess every night is kinda like that, but this is a little different and it's something the comedians came up with to help them out.

This should be a great night out. Going out isn't without risks these days, but neither is walking across the street before looking both ways. There has to be a risk for reward right? I'm not trying to tell you what to do with yourself but these are some quality comics.

Lugnutz is open and they are operating within guidelines so I know they are taking as many precautions as they can. If you want to go out and you are not from the area and you are interested, get with Chad Hutto on facebook.

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Craig Bush


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