According to the Daily Dot, it seems a petition has been started to have the celebrity, Joe Rogan moderate an upcoming 2020 Presidential debate.

It's an online petition on and began picking up steam very recently. As of this article it is projected to far exceed its goal of a mere 7,500 backers.

Joe Rogan is most notably famous for his podcast where he has been outspoken about pretty much every current event or talking point there is. You may remember him from his days on television or as the host of "Fear Factor," but his UFC commentating and guest spots on radio shows and podcasts have made the man synonymous with his voice and "common sense" opinions on pretty much every debate and subject matter.

The petition on has all the bullet points to promote the idea. Once it hits the goal, will Joe Rogan actually get to be the moderator for a Presidential Debate?

Would he insert too much of his own thoughts and personality in the debate? Would we lose focus on what is important?

What are your thoughts?

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