Lufkin has the market in strange street names, cornered, or cul-de-sac-ed if you will. 

There are no dead ends on the search for interesting street names in and around Lufkin. Some are just plain strange, others really confuse your navigation system.

Navigation apps have a real issue with Raguet St. If you live here, you know it's Ruh-gay. But if you are a computer its Rag-ette, like a tiny washcloth?

The rest are just plain strange, lets visit them in alphabetical order. You better be packing heat on A K Dr. Get ready for some sweet heat on Bar-B-Q Road. If you want to chew some tobacco, how about Beech Nut Circle. All the hobo's hang out on Box Car Rd. Did you know you can stay at Double Tree in Lufkin, but it's not a Hilton, it's a street?

We even have a Gobblers Knob, just like in Pennsylvania, but without Punxsytawney Phil or any groundhogs. I can't find the origin of that name, but we even have an Old Gobblers Knob, just to be even more descriptive. Hoo Hoo Avenue, is a strange name, and the origin is to pay tribute to the Lufkin Hoo Hoo Band. The name Hoo Hoo comes from a lumberman's fraternity. The name Kit McConnico, who used to be the city marshal, ended up a street, and a park name, and he played in the Hoo Hoo Band.

Japan is represented here, but only because of the battle of Iwo Jima, and now it's a street in Lufkin. We even name streets after our favorite beverages, like Mimosa St. You can head on down to in Lufkin too.

Lots of history in those interesting names, can you think of more strange names of streets in Lufkin? Comment below.


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