Over the past weekend I noticed that it was getting hotter in the house during the afternoon. The thermostat would be on ECO, and I didn't set it there.

On Tuesday June 15th it got up to 95 degrees outside. In Deep East Texas, the temperature only tells half the story. The humidity outside being at near 100% really makes it feel hotter in your house.

I was surprised to hear about some people in Houston having their thermostats adjusted automatically because they enrolled in a particular energy saver program.

I thought that could be my issue as well. I have a nest thermostat controlling the temperature in the house. It's fancy, but perhaps too fancy, if it leaves you sweating.

A deeper dive into my nest app helped me find my issue. In a recent iPhone update, my apps connectivity to the outside world was limited due to security concerns.

Nest is a google product, and iPhone is well, an apple product. They usually play well together. This time, they did not.

Dan Patrick TSM Lufkin

The settings for my Eco temperatures are pretty modest and within the range that has been suggested for when you are away from the house. So no issues there.

Dan Patrick TSM Lufkin

You can see here that a deeper dive into my nest app allowed me to find an issue with my location settings. That big exclamation point was a dead giveaway that I was having a connectivity problem.

Dan Patrick TSM Lufkin

A recent iPhone update had this setting messed up. This was the cause of my issue. I set it to 'ALWAYS' now, so it will track where I am, and not go into eco mode when I am at home.

Dan Patrick TSM Lufkin

Looking at the final page here, you can see that it not only tracks my phone, but it also knows if someone is home if they walk in front of the termostat. Some days, we just don't go walking around that part of the house. 

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I think I have figured out my issues with the app. Luckily it wasn't heat wave related, or anything my power company did, or that I was enrolled in. Hope that helps you too.

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