Someone has messed with Chick-fil-A's delivery vehicles. We can't stand for this one, as it gets in between us and that deep fried chicken goodness.

There was a rumor going around that this had happened. I heard about it weeks ago. It was around the same time our radio station's parking lot was hit too.

Right when Chick-fil-A got new delivery vehicles, someone stole the catalytic converters off of all of them. In Texas if you mess with Chick-fil-A deliveries, you mess with all of us.

Watch The Video And Get Paid

Lufkin Crime Stoppers has reward money and more than a couple of unsolved crimes. This video is clear and in full color. Someone out there knows who this is and will get that reward money.

They were driving a white four door Chevrolet Truck. It seems like this wasn't the first time they had done this.


Name the thieves for a chance at the Crime Stoppers Reward. If you can name them just call Crime Stoppers at 936-639-TIPS.

If you are the first person that makes the anonymous tip submitted to Crime Stoppers that ends up solving the case, you could earn a cash reward. The entire process from tip to reward is made without ever identifying you, but only if you submit the tip in the correct way.

CLICK HERE to solve this, or download the CrimeStoppers App. 


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