There is something about owning a physical book. It can't get lost in a file online. You don't have to power it up to get started.

The Kurth Memorial Library is a readers gold mine, and one you might forget about. They have a world of books you can check out, read, possibly re-read, and return for your next adventure.

If you can read over 100 books a year, you can see where a library can come in handy financially. If you have been thinking about building your own library this upcoming event would be a good start.


The Friends of the Kurth Memorial Library Book Sale is September 15th, 16th, and 17th.

Wednesday, September 15th from 10am - 5pm is the members only sale. If you don't have a membership they are available at the door.

This is a great time to get dibs and first pick of all the books they have for sale. Becoming a Friend of the Library is open to the public and a library card is not required.

The sale is open to non-members on Thursday, September 16th and Friday, September 17th from 10am - 5pm.

No Donations 

They are having the sale to lessen the heavy load of books on site. They are not accepting donations for the book sale at this time.

Thanks to the staff at the Kurth Memorial Library and the City of Lufkin for making learning a priority for our community.

Planning to make a visit to the Kurth Memorial Library? You can always give them a call to hold your books ahead of time, or you can also choose your books virtually through their online portal to have set aside for you. They are also open for in-person perusal of the stacks as well.

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