The big game has always been about the commercials. I think there is some sports ball played in there somewhere. I enjoy the tight pants and cheerleaders, but since the mid 80's it's been about what is going on, while the game is not.

Everyone remembers the Apple Computer commercial introducing the Macintosh, that was so iconic. It wasn't funny like the ones I prefer, but a game changer nonetheless.

This year I am looking forward to the new Star Wars Han Solo Movie Trailer, if it happens. But in the past, this mix bag of Superbowl Commercials made me want to buy a product. No not just the Go Daddy ones.

  • 1

    2016 HEINZ Ketchup

    Right after I first saw this commercial, I never bought anything but Organic Heinz Ketchup. I hadn't heard of it before this. I figured if it was on a ketchup bottle costume it had to be real. Plus who doesn't love wiener dogs as hot dogs.

  • 2

    Vader Kid Vs. Volkswagen

    Any self respecting Star Wars fan would have to say that this is their all time favorite commercial. There is just something about the peoples car being controlled by Darth Vader. I think this is still the subliminal reason I want to buy a Volkswagen.

  • 3

    RadioShack '80s

    This was the beginning of the end for Radio Shack i fear. But all of those iconic 80's celebrities made this one of the best commercials. Dee Snider putting on all that makeup again really made it pop.

  • 4

    Dorito Time Machine

    It's the future! This was when Doritos asked the fans to come up with their own commercials. Though a low budget affair as these commercials come, it's an hilarious one.

  • 5

    Working with Monkeys

    Back when this commercial came out in 2006 there weren't that many people looking for jobs on the internet yet. So career builder had to let us know that it was okay. There were tons of these commercials and this started an entire campaign. Who doesn't love monkeys?