I'm listing all the spots I know of in Lufkin, where you will be able to watch the game on Sunday.

Cord cutters everywhere will be seeking out a spot at a local bar or restaurant to see the big game. If you don't have cable, or satellite, and only have internet, where can you catch the big game? Where can you see it on a big screen if you don't get invited to a super bowl party? Here are some ideas around Lufkin and Nacogdoches, so you won't miss out on the biggest game of the year

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    Getty Images/Image Source

    Your Parents House

    Good old mom and dad really can fill a void for you here. Hopefully they have upgraded the TV since you moved out. But chances are they have cable, or satellite, because that's what old people do.

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    Cafe Del Rio

    The Bar area of Cafe Del Rio has a lot of TV's all around. Who better to celebrate the big game with than a group of total strangers. Better yet ... bring your own group of friends and enjoy only having to pay for Netflix at home, and still enjoy the festivities.

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    Jim Ann's

    Need a real bar, and a dark place to watch the game? I can't guarantee they won't fire up the jukebox during the commercials, but I think it's a safe bet that they will have the game on. I think I've even watched it there once.

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    Headliners Sports Bar

    With Sports Bar in the name, Headliners will for sure have the big game on the screens inside. I wonder what will be the most worn jersey, green or blue. I always worry about showing up in game jerseys. I would just keep one of each with me in the car.

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    Sports Shack Bar & Grill

    The Sport Shack has been in Nacogdoches for a very long time. This might have been the place your dad went to watch the game back when he was in college. So if you are wondering if they will have the game on, well it's call the "sports shack." Enough said.

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    Big K's Bar & Grill

    If you are in Central, and you need a place to smoke, look no further. If you need to see the game, the TV's are mounted higher up so you can really sit back and get a good view of what is going on.

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