Walking out to lunch at the station today, I noticed something in the yard, right next to the sidewalk. I glance down at what looks like a big hot steamer. This is Texas, but the station isn't on a ranch, I'm downtown in the City Of Lufkin.

Here wildlife consists of very few species. Random neighborhood dogs, that bust lose during the day from their owners yards. A few brave squirrels running back and forth across busy Raguet Street. It's a risk they take to get at the pecans in the tree outside my window. Plus, there are plenty of birds, but luckily not many pigeons. So not a place where you would normally find a cow patty.

Good thing I had my glasses handy. This called for a closer inspection, and it turned out to be a giant cluster of mushrooms. I did some asking around and they are 'Ringless Honey Mushrooms'. They grow on the decomposing roots of very specific trees. They only come out in the fall here, and they basically just pop up overnight, after a good rain.

We don't see them that much around East Texas. Mostly because they don't grow on the roots of pine trees, which we have in abundance. The Ringless Honey Mushroom or Armillaria tabescenes is actually edible, if it's growing on the correct tree. There are Oak trees in our radio stations yard, so technically I should be able to eat these. To make that call I'll be using this guide from Eat The Weeds and other things, too.

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Sadly this poop emoji wanna be is a death sentence for a tree if it's growing on one that is presumably still alive in your yard. There are even spooky Halloween inspired varieties called Jack-O-Lanterns. If you find that variety and eat them, they won't kill you, but you are going to make a visit to the bathroom posthaste.

Ringless Honey Mushroom2

I'm going to grab this one and put it in a bag. Then I'm going to make a positive ID, and see if I can eat them, without wearing out my squatty potty. Does this sound like a good plan to you? I'll report back, if I live to tell the tale. To make it extra spooky, I'll be using this classic Vincent Price recipe for mushrooms. I will leave out the copious amounts of olive oil, as that seems a little dated.




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