If you are driving in and around Nacogdoches take special care that you are observing posted speed limits. As we get back to the new normal, drivers have still been really booking it around town. Complaints have been coming in, and the Nacogdoches PD is listening.

Police have been focused on the Raguet St. area, but as they continue the focus there, they are also shifting to King St. There are reports of speeding from area residents. This is a residential area, and families on that street are in danger.

This weeks Focused Traffic Enforcement will be conducted on King st due to complaints of speeders through this residential neighborhood. In addition we are going to continue putting additional resources on the north end of Raguet St due to a high number of complaints about speeders, excessively loud noise, and unregistered atv's on the roadway. As always leave earlier, drive slower, and get there SAFE!

*The Focused Traffic Enforcement Program was implemented to bring additional police resources to areas of concern within the city. We determine those areas by listening to our citizens and observations by your Officers. We hope by bringing attention to the problem using social media we can gain voluntary compliance before Officers begin focusing on the area. THE #1 GOAL OF THIS PROGRAM IS TO INCREASE THE OVERALL SAFETY OF ALL OUR CITIZENS.*

So take it easy out there in town. Let the people not obeying the speed limit get the tickets, and don't join them. This could lead to more accidents in the area, and this is an effort to increase the safety of everyone driving in Nacogdoches.

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