It would seem that the end of days are upon us. 'Rona, riots, and rain from a possible hurricane really makes for the perfect storm. It's hard to remember that there is still a Covid-19 pandemic to deal with. We recently had another death in Lufkin, driving home the fact that it's still out there.

We are pretty far inland, but large hurricanes can at least dump a ton of rain on East Texas. At most, hurricanes in the past have hit our area at a Category 1 or 2. That could be devastating. Currently a topical depression has formed in the Bay of Compeche. Some of the models, though not 100%, show it coming this way.

The Office of Homeland security and Emergency Management in Montgomery County released some information that could keep your family safe. They are always more at risk than we are in Houston, so they know how to be prepared.

One of their best tips was to put together a go kit. it should contain everything you can't live without no matter what. Masks for you and the kids, and hand sanitizer might be a couple of items that you didn't have to stock in your go kit before the pandemic.

When out and gathering the items you need, remember the social distancing guidelines from the CDC. Sometimes when you get panicked, it's those newer rules that you might forget. Wash your hands often, and stay away from anyone that you believe might be infected.

Another good point is that power might take longer to come back on so, due to some of these factors. You can never be too prepared, but don't let it consume you. This could be an active Hurricane season, but we are usually okay in East Texas.


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