[UPDATE] The Boo Bash has been canceled due to storms scheduled to move into the area Friday.

Now that school has started we turn our attention to Halloween. Planning is always key for a successful event, and this year Visit Lufkin is starting early.

Their family-friendly Downtown Trick Or Treat has always been a kid's favorite. Not only do you get a ton of candy, but you also get to check out all the shops.

With all the traffic and parking availability downtown, the event has outgrown the space. It will now be in the plaza area between the Pitzer Garrison Convention Center and Museum Of East Texas. With a new venue comes a new name, and being used for the first time this year is "Boo Bash".

Halloween Boo Bash On The Plaza Is All New In Lufkin, Texas

Visit Lufkin and the City of Lufkin have put this event together to be a safer alternative to the Downtown Trick Or Treat, according to City of Lufkin Tourism and Marketing Director, Tara Hendrix.

“Downtown Trick-or-Treat had grown to the point that the City needed to relocate it for the safety of the children,” Hendrix said. “Halloween Boo Bash on the Plaza will give kids a chance to join spooky fun at the Pitser Garrison Convention Center Plaza while parents don’t have the constant concern of traffic, overcrowded sidewalks, and limited parking.”

The best thing about the new event is the chance to trick-or-treat longer, and it starts a bit later. In the past the downtown trick or treat started at 3 pm on a Friday and ended at 5 pm giving some little chance to participate.

Now the "Halloween Boo Bash On The Plaza" will start at 4 pm and last until 7 pm. There will be games, prizes, and pumpkin painting with the Museum of East Texas and a movie will also be shown.

If your business would like to participate in this community event, just CLICK HERE. For more information, you can call 936-633-0359 or go to www.visitlufkin.com.

They also have a Facebook page and Instagram to follow for more details.

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City Of Lufkin
City Of Lufkin

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