Monday, December 27, 2021 Brandon Belt put up a post on the East Texas Scavenger Hunt Page asking if there was any interest in having a hunt in the oldest town. The answer was of course a resounding YES!

Who would turn down any chance to pick up some of that free cash? There are over 481 comments on that post, and everyone was of course very positive.

That's really where the story ended. It's been 16 days since we got that tease that there might be an East Texas Scavenger Hunt in Nacogdoches.

Today We Got More Details About A Nacogdoches Scavenger Hunt 

Today (Thursday, January 13, 2021) is the first mention of Nacogdoches in the feed of the popular East Texas Scavenger Hunt page. As always there weren't many details, but the one we got was good enough.

Brandon Belt is going to be in Nacogdoches on Friday. Does that mean there will be a hunt for cash, checks, baseball cards, or lottery tickets there for the first time?

It seems highly likely that something will be going down in Nacogdoches tomorrow. He likes to do these hunts late, so you better rest up tonight.

Lufkin Still Wants All The Money To Themselves 

Lufkin area residents have had it pretty good when it comes to these hunts. Winning a total of over $22,000+ over the past few months, while Brandon is in town during the off-season will do that.

Now they have to share, and they aren't super pumped about it. Some are threatening to go to Nacogdoches to find the money and keep it all for themselves. 

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In true East Texas style Brandon never reveals who wins the money, so we may never know where any of the winners are from. Good luck to all of the people getting ready to hunt this Friday...or not.

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