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Cash Money Records / Young Money
Cash Money Records / Young Money

2013: Already a star, Drake uses his third album to show off his newfound self-assuredness.

As a rapper, your third album can make or break you, changing how fans all over the world view you and your career. Clearly aware of the importance of the moment, the Toronto rapper took great care with the release of his Take Care follow up, Nothing Was the Same.

The album was pushed by multiple successful singles, including "Started From The Bottom" and "Hold on, We're Going Home." The latter was an outright pop hit and a different sound for Drake at the time. Tapping into a new vibe, Drizzy enlisted Canadian R&B duo Majid Jordan for the track, which spotlighted the pair's status as one of his more intriguing OVO signees.

"Hold on, We're Going Home" was catchy, but Drake had already figured out how to make songs with that quality. What sticks out about this track is how easily recognizable it is in any situation. Blending contemporary talent with a throwback aesthetic, the track soars, sounding like something that would dominate an 1980s pop station without sounding dated or corny. The lyrics "I got my eyes on you/You're everything that I see/I want your hot love and emotion endlessly," were the perfect opening for the song, which would go on to dominate the radio for months at a time.

While the opening lyrics for "Hold on We're Going Home" were definitely memorable, the hook for the song sent it to the moon, helping it to eventually land at No. 6 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. "Just hold on, we're going home/ It's hard to do these things alone." "Hold on, We're Going Home" eventually went six-times platinum in America, helping Nwts become go quadruple platinum in the process.

Nwts pushed Drake's superstardom to the next level, further establishing him as an artist to take seriously. Fast forward to 2018, and he's arguably the most famous rapper in the world. What a change a few years can bring.

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