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  • Drake look alike
  • Must be the hairstyle
  • She's in her feelings

A Tiktocker from Texas thinks she spotted Drake working in what appears to be a Social Security Office in San Antonio.

We don't get a lot of context in the video, and all Social Security offices pretty much look the same on the inside. So it could be in the Houston/Pasadena area.

I wasn't able to find the owner of the account. This is their only video, and the Instagram they listed on the TikTok account was also empty.

The guy in the video does kind of look like Drake, but we only catch a glimpse. If you have braids and a beard, and people are freaking out around you, they might just think you look like the "Hotline Bling" singer.

Drake Spotting Is A Full-Time Hobby In Texas Now

Drake was just on tour in Texas and has made many appearances at seemingly normal places in the past. This viral video of him showing up on Juneteenth at local favorite, Trill Burgers, shows his love for his self-proclaimed second hometown.

Drake is originally from Toronto, so there is a lot for him to love about H-Town. Not only has he been in Houston multiple times for shows, but he also talks about visiting in his songs.

Now it seems that Drake is even professing that Houston is his second hometown. I think it would be a great place to warm up during those Toronto winters.

According to Drake, he has even bought a home in Houston. Let's just hope his fans don't find out where.

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