Recently, a Drake fan he met through the Make a Wish foundation passed away due to an undisclosed illness. Now, the Toronto rapper has used his Instagram account to share a heartfelt open letter to the young woman.

Last night (Nov. 4), the "No Complaints" rapper posted a photo of himself at the bedside of a fan who recently passed away due to an undisclosed illness. "We built a genuine bond you would text me and check on me while I was on tour and tell me positive things and share your dreams and goals," Drake wrote in the caption.

Drake then added "I am sorry I missed your text on my birthday that’s eating my soul right now but you know how much I loved you and was looking forward to seeing you after tour."

According to Kay's private Instagram account, she was 22-years-old and resided in New York City. XXL has Kay's family in our prayers.

Drizzy, who celebrated his 32nd birthday two weeks ago, has visited several hospitalized children this year. In early August, he took a trip to the hospital to visit 11-year-old heart transplant patient Sophia Sanchez at Chicago's Lurie Children's Hospital. A couple weeks later, Sophia's mom uploaded a video announcing that she was granted a new heart, to which the rapper wrote "YESSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My love so happy for you" in response.

View Drake's heartbreaking Instagram post about Kay below.

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