When Drake and Noah "40" Shebib link up, you can usually count on something epic headed your way. Welp, that's apparently what happened around the time Drizzy uploaded an Instagram post earlier today (May 10).

In the caption for the post, Drake wrote, "Visited 40 today." In the photo, which sees Drizzy sitting on a comfy looking couch beneath three keyboards, Drake appears to be cooling out. But the thing is, if he's actually sitting in 40's studio, we know there's a good chance something extra wavy just went down.

While Drizzy's post doesn't offer anything in the way of details about new music, we wouldn't be all that surprised if he served up some new post-More Life hits pretty soon. After all, Drizzy hasn't really gone more than a month or two without dropping new sounds since 2014 or so. And his friend and partner 40's been at his side the entire time.

Drake and 40 have cooked up plenty of fire together, with Drizzy's combination of smooth vocals and introspective lyrics blending perfectly with 40's icy, atmospheric soundscapes. They're sort of like hip-hop's version of Kobe and Shaq, except there's no sign of their partnership ending any time soon, which is great for fans.

You can peep Drizzy's somewhat tantalizing Instagram post below.

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