There are lots of Drive-Thru trick-or-treating events popping up all over East Texas. This is a great way to safely get candy to the kids, so they don't trick us! Diboll Festivals 'Trail Of Treats' is coming up on Halloween, Saturday October 31st at Old Orchard Park. It starts at 4pm. Volunteers will be there passing out candy with gloves and masks on. Everyone will be required to stay in their vehicle.

You can join in the fun. You are encouraged to decorate a table or your truck and pass out candy to the kids. Just contact them at and let them know you are interested. You can give back to the children in the area.

I love how the modern Americanized idea of Halloween paints a cute picture of giving candy to costumed children. It's origins are a little darker. People would dress up in their dead relatives clothing, since they never threw anything away. They would then take to the streets and demand to be appeased with offerings of cake.

We give out candy now, and the costumes have less spooky origins, you know like Target. I think it's a real thing though to appease these kids. They will grow up and remember your face, and your lack of candy.

Halloween was not really a thing in America during the Great Depression era or WWII. Going door to door for candy isn't a basic right, it's a relatively new, commercially driven holiday. The Baby Boomers came of trick-or-treating age, and bam instant holiday. Thanks Boomers!

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