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Man Gets So Drunk He Legally Changes Name to 'Celine Dion'

A lot of foolishness happened over the holidays, but this may take the cake: A man named Thomas Dodd got so drunk on Christmas while watching videos of Celine Dion on YouTube, that he filled out the necessary paperwork to legally change his name to... Celine Dion. Naturally, he went to sleep that night and forgot all about it—until last week, when he received documents in the mail certifying his name change. Best part? He's keeping it! (via Metro)

Only 26 Percent of Americans Kept Their 2020 New Year's Resolutions

Hopefully as a nation we do better at sticking to our goals for 2021, because last year, only 26 percent of Americans kept all of their New Year's resolutions! That doesn't come as too much of a shock though, given our lives were disrupted by the coronavirus pandemic. All ideas of what we thought 2020 would look like went out the window by March! According to YouGov.com, however, 48 percent of Americans said they kept at least some of their resolutions.

2020's Most Overused Phrases

According to Lake Superior State University, the most overused phrases of the past year include:

1. "COVID-19"
2. "Social distancing"
3. "We're all in this together..."
4. "Out of an abundance of caution..."
5. "In these uncertain times..."

Yeah, let's retire a few of these for 2021...

Blake Shelton Called 'Tone-Deaf' After Release of Song Called 'Minimum Wage'

Fans of Blake Shelton are disappointed in his new song. His attempt to romanticize earning minimum wage for a living has rubbed people the wrong way given we are in the middle of a global pandemic. One fan wrote: "The irony of listening to a millionaire Blake Shelton singing about ‘love on minimum wage’ at the end of 2020 might be lost on its target audience." (via TMZ)

BTS Fans Convinced the Group Are Singing in a New Coca Cola Ad

On Sunday, January 3, a new Coke commercial hit the internet and BTS fans are convinced Jungkook, Jimin and Jin can be heard singing the background song. The group is not credited for their vocals, however, so ARMYs are left wondering if BTS is in the new Coca-Cola ad or if they're just imagining things. Take a listen for yourself, below...

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