Lufkin City Councilman Robert Shankle would like to invite everyone to a socially distant vehicle parade for MLK day. The intent is to continue the traditional parade in a non-traditional way, taking precautions as to not spread Covid-19.

Lots of communities, including The City of Houston, have taken their parades virtual, but Lufkin's parade will be able to be seen in person, even if you don't have an internet connection. Like many other time honored traditions, this one should be out in public.

The parade will start at Brandon Park, on Martin Luther King Day - Monday January 18th, 2021. Vehicle lineup is at 9:30am and the parade starts at 10am. Everyone is asked to stay in their cars. There will be volunteers that will direct you how to line up. For more information Contact Carolyn Brooks at 936-229-8341.

Councilman Shankle is also big proponent of 'Lufkin Forward'. They have an interesting survey up right now, looking for your input in downtown Lufkin. I took the survey, and though I can't really figure out the deadline, I'm assuming someone is still looking at the answers. The survey was started near the beginning of December.

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It has some thought provoking questions about what kind of things you would like to see happen in Lufkin. The survey is a great first step towards a renaissance in the city.  Take the survey, even if you don't live in Lufkin.







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