Texans can be big eaters, and sometimes that saves us money.

How about a little weekend challenge?  If you can polish off a monster burger at one restaurant in Nacogdoches, the meal is free.  And it's just one of the Texas restaurants on a long list that will give you the opportunity to eat your way to victory. 

The Texas restaurants that have the eating challenges will comp the bill if you can polish off a mammoth portion of food, and you usually have to do it within a certain time frame.

We might think these challenges are just for big, burly, offensive lineman types, but there are always one or two of us seemingly dainty girls that shows up and cleans a platter too.  Texans can eat!

OnlyInYourState.com posts 10 of the Craziest Food Challenges, and the restaurants are mostly in the Dallas, Houston, and Austin areas.  Oh, and that Big Texan Ranch restaurant in Amarillo that we always hear about.    That might be the most famous food challenge we've got here in the South, where you have to eat a 72 oz steak plus a shrimp cocktail, baked potato, a salad, and a buttered roll in one hour.  72 oz. is 4 and a half pounds, by the way.  Full yet?

You can test your burger eating abilities right here in Nacogdoches, according to EatFeats.com.  At Butcher Boys Smokehouse and Deli, they'll fry up a loaded burger for you in the Monster Burger Challenge and if  you can polish it off in a certain amount of time they'll pick up the tab.  And you just might get your picture on the wall.

Will you practice up at home before you step up to the plate in public, or do you just wing and hope for the best?  Whatever your strategy, please check in with us the day after and let us know how it went, ok?  If you can get up off the couch.

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