If you are looking for great entertainment in Lufkin, the Riff Runners are making their return to the Hudgins Hall stage at Angelina College. Our community big band has been keeping us all jumping with their free seasonal shows.

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This All-Volunteer Big Band In Lufkin Puts On A Big Show

Their inspired performances are something worth seeing. All of the members are volunteers and your Lufkin community band sets itself apart with the wide variety of musical genres they can effortlessly pull off in one night.

If you like jazz, funk, rock, and pop they will play something you love. There are great soloists, backup singers, and choreography courtesy of the trumpet section.

Support Your Lufkin Community Band At Their Next Performance

The Riff Runners go all out, and these aren't things you would typically think you would get in a free concert from a non-professional group. They put in just as much work or more than the "professionals" and their dedication shows in every performance.

Since their debut in 2021, they have continued to raise the bar and put together a set list that everyone will enjoy. Support your local community band at their next show.

Another Amazing Event Is Coming From The Riff Runners 

The Riff Runners Community Band will be live at Hudgins Hall on the Angelina College Campus March 1, 2024 at 7:30 PM in Lufkin. Entry is free, and if you have heard of the band and are curious, just show up and support them.

You will enjoy the positive vibes and goodwill.

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