Ellen Trout Zoo is holding an Endangered Species Day this Saturday in Lufkin, Texas. All of the endangered animals will be getting extra enrichment items. This is a great way to support our local zoo, and the animals. Bring some quarters for the kids to give for conservation of these animals native habitats.

Endangered Species Day will be held on Saturday September 28, 2019 at the Ellen Trout Zoo from 10 am – 2 pm. Everyone is invited to come out and enjoy our amazing endangered species and watch them enjoy some special treats. Enrichment is something the animals get every day but this Saturday they will get extra treats to celebrate. There will be “quarters for conservation” opportunities to benefit gorilla, rhinoceros, cotton-top tamarin, and tiger conservation in their range habitats. Be a part of the celebration and join in the fun activities and give a quarter, or two, to help your favorite Endangered Species. The Ellen Trout Zoo is the Wildest Place in town, and YOUR place to connect with the natural world.

Contact: Charlotte Henley 936-633-0403, or Whitney Heckler 936-630-0574 for more information

Regular admissions fees apply.

Ellen Trout Zoo
Ellen Trout Zoo

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