Just when you thought Loop 287 was the only hot spot in town, TxDot is also making strides on Timberland Dr.  I have tried to avoid the North West sside of town, but progress has flooded into all of Lufkin. So if you are on a tight schedule, please take the time you need to get where you need to go. Give these guys a brake, any chance you have, by slowing down, and moving over when possible.


Timberland Dr. was backed up yesterday and today. They have lots of information, and a clear map that shows the construction on the loop, but 59/Timberland Dr was never mentioned specifically. It was TxDot trucks, so the city must not have anything to do with it.  With a huge project going on all around us to turn highway 59, into Interstate 69, for the next few years, anything is possible.

According to the Texas Department of Transportation, the Commission approved six projects for our area, for a cool 78.3 million dollars. A great investment in the future of our town, and entire area. Little delays like this are all a part of progress. I also know that we are not alone in the amount of construction that is going on right now. This time of year, everyone is getting all the outside work done, and things are happening fast.