Don't believe anything you read online, and only half of what you see. That's basically the advice from the Lufkin Police Department.

They recently made a post on Facebook to make it very clear that there is not a serial killer in the area. That's the same social media platform where the rumor had been spreading.

LPD said in the post that similar posts with the same picture have been found in many groups in different cities throughout the county. The post featured was made in the Lufkin Nacogdoches Local Classifieds Facebook group.

There Is Not An Abductor On the Loose In East Texas

This is an untrue rumor, and it can't be stated enough that it is just completely false. The wording is the same in all of the cases, the publisher just switches out the name of the cities in each post.

The post suggests that there is a killer or an abductor "hunting" in “Lufkin Nacogdoches”. Right there you know it's fake because they used the exact name of the Facebook group and didn't even bother adding an "and" between them.

The publisher suggests that they had a friend that was almost taken by the person in the picture. Then they go on to suggest this person is in a truck with LED lights.

A Fake Post About A Fake Crime In Lufkin, Texas

The "killer" hits cars of women alone (how would anyone really know if they are alone?) and once they pull over, he takes them. It is stated that there are multiple disappearances, but no proof or examples.

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This scam is made just to scare people and trick residents into thinking this is going on in their community. If you come across this post or a new version of it while you are online, alert the group admin so they can address the issue.

Lufkin Police Department via Facebook
Lufkin Police Department via Facebook

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