Dennis Bohannan is the heart of this viral video on TikTok garnering over a million views. His channel Texas Outboard Jets, already had a good following, but this video took it over the top.

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Over 20 Feral Hogs Clamber Up A Steep Texas River Bank

They also have a YouTube Channel that gets a healthy amount of views. It's all about a guy who likes running up and down the rivers of Texas in an outboard jet boat doing some fishing.

That puts him in the position to see a lot of animals doing things that we don't normally see. This time he captured a feral hog family trying to climb a steep embankment.

Viral Video Shows Hog Tumbling Down Steep River Bank

Watching the 20+ invasive feral hogs scurry straight up the high bank of the Trinity River is wild, but it is Mr.Bohannan's commentary making people laugh and sharing on social media. Look at the viral video that has some scared for the hogs, and others doubled over in laughter.


There aren't subtitles on the video, so as a native Texan, I will transcribe what is being said off-camera for you:

faint - "They don't have anywhere to go."

Louder - "What y'all doing up there boys!!?

faint - "Soooie!" (common pig call)

Laughter - "Wooo! I wanna see one tumble. Well, there he is! Awwh! Ka-Boom! "

Laughter - "Oh my god that's gold!"

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This was the second time they posted the video; the first version got taken down. So far this version has stayed up, despite these animals being in obvious distress.

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