Never take anything for granted. I have been hurting my thumb on this water cooler since I broke it. The hard plastic digs in to my flesh! So today with the brand new faucet, we set out to fix the one place everyone congregates.

I got the MUSIC in me!  The Music Mountain water guy came in today and gave us the replacement part for our cooler. I felt that since I was the one that caused the last faucet's demise, I should be the one to fix it.

I am very happy at the way this turned out. It was immediately fixed, and works great. Now I am upset at how long we let it just be broken. I didn't do anything to help the process along either. Everyone in the office will be happy that this is fixed now. Should I try to fix the plumbing in the men's restroom next? I mean now that I've got one easy repair done, I should now be a master plumber. With this new found confidence, I will now start a new page in my life. I am now a fixer, a doer of things. Perhaps, I am taking this too far. Just watch till the end for the outtakes.

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