It's always fun to play the game of "What if" in hip-hop. But it's the ones within the realm of probability, not just possibility, that really get to us. What if Phife Dawg was still with us and finished the Outkast and A Tribe Called Quest album? What if ScHoolboy Q put together that group with A$AP Rocky, Ab-Soul and Danny Brown? Now, we have another scenario to throw in the pile: What if Frank Ocean was a guest feature on Young Thug's Beautiful Thugger Girls?

Despite arguments over ownership and creativity, inviting other artists into the album creation process can sometimes provide memorable stories like the one regarding Frank Ocean and Young Thug's latest album. One of the producers for Beautiful Thugger Girls, Charlie Handsome ("Drugs You Should Try It," "Fade," "Go Flex"), worked on the song, "Me or Us," along with Rex Kudo and Post Malone.

In a DJ Booth interview, Charlie related that the song originally started as an almost hour long voice note with Kanye trying different ideas for vocals. Once it was safe to assume Kanye wouldn't return to that session, Kudo played the beat for Thug. Charlie then describes how particular Thug was when recording (speakers in the studio turned off and without interference from anyone else). The idea to send the song to Frank Ocean then arose, but due to possible schedule conflicts his part wasn't recorded.

While we may never know what Frank Ocean would've sounded like on "Me or Us," Charlie revealed that there's a strong chance that we'll get "Me or Us 2.0" with Post Malone and Travis Scott.

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