Today is the last day of school for many children across Deep East Texas. The kids are excited, but now starts the months-long issue of finding things for your kids to do.

When there are two working parents in a family, the struggle is real. Even older kids sometimes need some direction to make the most of their summer vacation.

All the kids and their parents are invited to this free, summer kick-off party happening Thursday, May 26th, 2022 from 1 pm till 4 pm.

Kids Start Summer Break With This Free Party In Lufkin, Texas

It will be held at Kiwanis Park at the main pavilion in Lufkin. If you have a child that goes to the Lufkin Middle School, this is basically the backyard for the school now.

The event is being put on by Family First Resources and The Angelina County & Cities Health District. The weather should be sunny and mild, and it's the perfect weather to get out and have some fun on the last day of school.

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There will be watermelon provided, so get ready to get a little sticky. I love that they are providing a healthy treat option for all of the kids to enjoy.

There will also be free snow cones and activities at Kiwanis Park for everyone to enjoy. There is a raffle for $25 gift cards as well.

Get in on everything that is going on and give the kids something to do outside on this beautiful day. Just think tomorrow morning you won't have to get up early and take the kids to school.

Angelina County & Cities Health District via Facebook
Angelina County & Cities Health District via Facebook

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