We got an opportunity to have a talented young lady in the studio this week. Jayda was a delight, and has an interesting new song, "Boys Like You," that she's currently promoting. She came to the studio and caused a sensation. It was pretty funny to see everyone's faces when Jayda popped into the studio.


This 18 year old Austinite lights up a room, and is a very genuine person. She has a very commanding presence, and I had to stand on my tip toes for most of the photographs, because she was hella tall with her heels on. Next time I'll be ready with my own high heeled boots.

She's traveling to promote her music with her mom in tow, and they are putting in the time. She feels right at home wherever the industry takes her, from Nashville, to LA, or here in her home state of Texas. She made a lot of stops on the way, but I apparently made this one different.

Jayda confided in me that though she had been on this promo tour in quite a few cities she hadn't gotten a chance to be on-air live and interviewed. So I gave her a minute on the show, and she handled it like a pro. You can hear the interview above, just click the Facebook link. Then on top of that, we even played a bit of her song. You can listen to it in it's entirety CLICK HERE. Hope you enjoy it.

Your Pal,
Dan Patrick (Not the sports guy or the politician, and not Danica Patrick either)


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